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Year Paper Title
2019 Available online, (SSCI)
2019 Forthcoming, (SSCI)
2019 Forthcoming, (SSCI)
2019 Chih-Yung Lin, Yi-Wei Chuang, Wei-Che Tsai*, Yu-Xuan Wu, 2015, The Benefits of Firms Holding Bank Shares on Bank Loans: Evidence from the Global Financial Crisis, Sun Yat-Sen Management Review, 23(2), pp563-590, (TSSCI)
2019 Ju-Fang Yen, Yan-Shing Chen, Chung-Hua Shen, Chih-Yung Lin*, Why Do Firms Allow Their CEO to Join Trade Associations? An Embeddedness View, International Review of Economics and Finance, 32, pp47-61, (SSCI)
2019 Yan-Shing Chen, Chih-Yung Lin*, Po-Hsin Ho, Wei-Che Tsai, Applying Recurrent Event Analysis to Understand the Causes of Changes in Firm Credit Ratings, Applied Financial Economics , 22, pp977-988, (Others)
2019 Guo, J.-H., and L.-F. Chang, A Generalization of Option Pricing to Price-Limit Markets, Review of Derivatives Research, (SSCI)
2018 Po-An Chen, Generalized Mirror Descents with Non-Convex Potential Functions in Atomic Congestion Games: Continuous Time and Discrete Time, Information Processing Letters (IPL), 130, (SCI)
2018 Chu-Han Cheng, Po-An Chen, Wing-Kai Hon, Budget-Constrained Multi-Battle Contests: A New Perspective and Analysis, Theoretical Computer Science (TCS), 721, (SCI)
2018 洪嘉慶,黃正魁,古政元, 資訊安全新聞事件與企業股價異常報酬之研究, 資訊管理學報, 已接受, (TSSCI)