Conference Paper

Year Paper Title
2017 Guo, J.-H., L.-F. Chang, An Efficient Scheme of Static Hedging Barrier Options: Richardson Extrapolation Techniques, The 2017 Meeting of World Finance Conference , Cagliari, Italy, 會議論文, 2017-07-26-2017-07-28
2017 Bounds on the price of anarchy for a more general class of directed graphs in opinion formation games, Poster (海報), The 18th ACM Conference on Economics and Computation (EC'17), MIT, Massachusetts, (Others)
2017 Yeh, Yin-Hua, Pei-Gi Shu and Ya-Chun Tang, "The Effects of Corporate Governance and Family Succession on Investment-Cash Flow Sensitivity" , 24th Annual Conference Multinational Finance Society, Bucharest Romania,
2016 Guo, J.-H., L.-F. Chang, and M.-W. Hung, Limit Hits and Connected Stocks, The 2016 EFMA conference, Basel, Switzerland, 會議論文, 2016-06-29-2016-07-02
2016 Chu-Han Cheng, Po-An Chen, Wing-Kai Hon, Budget-Constrained Multi-Battle Contests: A New Perspective and Analysis, The 5th World Congress of the Game Theory Society (GAMES'16), Maastricht, the Netherlands,
2016 Po-An Chen, Yi-Le Chen, Chi-Jen Lu, How Much of a Person Influencing the Others and Being Influenced Matters in Opinion Formation Games (Extended Abstract), Collective Intelligence Conference 2016 (CI'16), New York City, USA,
2016 Discrete and Continuous Generalized Mirror Descents in Atomic Congestion Games, Poster (海報), The 17th ACM Conference on Economics and Computation (EC'16), Maastricht, the Netherlands,
2016 Po-An Chen, Generalized Mirror Descents with Non-Convex Potential Functions in Atomic Congestion Games, In Supplementary Proceedings of the 9th International Conference on Discrete Optimization and Operations Research (DOOR 2016), Vladivostok, Russia,
2015 會議論文