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Year Paper Title
2018 24 (9), pp761-808, (SSCI)
2018 50, pp371-387, (SSCI)
2018 Chih-Yung Lin, Wei-Che Tsai, Iftekhar Hasan*, Le Quoc Tuan, Private benefits of control and bank loan contracts, Journal of Corporate Finance, (SSCI)
2018 Dien Giau Bui, Yan-Shing Chen, Iftekhar Hasan*, Chih-Yung Lin, Can Lenders Discern Managerial Ability from Luck? Evidence from Bank Loan Contracts, Journal of Banking and Finance , 87, pp187-201, (SSCI)
2018 Dien Giau Bui, Yiwei Fang, Chih-Yung Lin*, The Influence of Risk Culture on Firms’ Returns in Times of Crisis, International Review of Economics and Finance, (SSCI)
2017 Chih-Chien Hu*, Han-Lin Li, 2017, Developing navigation graphs for TED talks. Computers in Human Behavior, 66, 26-41. (SCI)
2017 C. W Chang, E. M.-H. Lin, Y. Zhao, and M.T. Yu, Interconnectedness, Non-core Activities, and Systemic Risk in Insurance Sectors: Evidence from Taiwan, International Review of Economics and Finance, 44, (SSCI)
2017 E. M.-H. Lin, E. W. Sun, and M.T. Yu, Systemic Risk, Financial Markets, and Performance of Financial Institutions in Taiwan, Annals of Operation Research
2017 C. -C. Chang and M.T. Yu, Bank Contingent Capital: Valuation and Market Discipline, Journal of Financial Services Research, (SSCI)
2017 B.M.T. Lin, F.J. Hwang, & J.N.D. Gupta, Two-machine flowshop scheduling with three-operation jobs subject to a fixed job sequence, accepted by Journal of Scheduling.