職稱 教授
姓名 古政元
聯絡電話 03-5712121 Ext. 57413
電子郵件 cooper.c.y.ku@gmail.com
傳真 03-5723792
授課領域 資訊安全
研究專長 電腦與通訊網路、資訊安全與管理、電子與行動商務
學歷 美國西北大學電機工程與資訊科學博士
年度 論文名稱
2018 洪嘉慶,黃正魁,古政元, 資訊安全新聞事件與企業股價異常報酬之研究, 資訊管理學報, 已接受, (TSSCI)
2016 Tsung-Han Yang, Cheng-Yuan Ku, Man-Nung Liu, Case Study: Application of Enhanced Delphi Method for Software Development and Evaluation in Medical Institutes, Kybernetes, 45, 4, pp637-649, (SCI)
2016 Hsin-Pin Fu, Cheng-Yuan Ku, Tsung-Sheng Chang, A Decision Support System Based on a Genetic Algorithm for the Utilization of Leftovers, International Journal of Computational Intelligence Systems, 9, 3, pp483-496, (SCI)
2016 Tsung-Han Yang, Cheng-Yuan Ku, David C. Yen, Wen-Huai Hsieh, An Improved Strategic Information Management Plan for Medical Institutes, Computer Standards and Interfaces, 45, pp26-36, (SCI)
2016 Tsung-Han Yang, Cheng-Yuan Ku, Man-Nung Liu, An Integrated System for Information Security Management with the Unified Framework, Journal of Risk Research, 19, 1, pp21-41, (SSCI)
2015 Tsung-Sheng Chang, Hsin-Pin Fu, Cheng-Yuan Ku, A Novel Model to Implement ERP Based on Dynamic Capabilities - A Case Study of An IC Design Company, Journal of Manufacturing Technology Management, 26, 7, pp1053-1068
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年度 論文名稱
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2014 Tsung-Han Yang, Cheng-Yuan Ku, Yung-Ting Chuang, An Integrated Risk Analysis framework for Improving Security of Software Development Life Cycle, WDSI 2014, Napa Valley, California, U.S.A., , 2014-04-01-2014-04-01
2013 Po-Ling Sun and Cheng-Yuan Ku, Trust Management Model for QoS-driven Web Service Selection, 2013 International Conference on Medical Innovation and Computing Service, Tainan, Taiwan, R.O.C., , 2013-08-01-2013-08-01
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2010 Cheng-Yuan Ku, Continuous and Dynamic Pricing Strategy with Inventory Control and Multiple Demands, 2010 ACME, Macau, , 2010-07-01-2010-07-01
國家 學校名稱 系所 學位 期間
美國 西北大學 (Northwestern University) 電機工程與資訊科學系 博士 1993.06 ~ 1995.08
美國 西北大學 (Northwestern University) 電機工程與資訊科學系 碩士 1990.09 ~ 1993.06
中華民國 國立交通大學 控制工程學系 學士 1983.09 ~ 1987.06